Legend of destruction
Legend of destruction by Gidi Dar

Plot Summary

The film “Legend of destruction” tells the story of the Jewish revolt against Rome which ended with the destruction of the Temple in the year 70.

While the wealthy Jewish upper-class cooperates with the cruel Roman conqueror, the poor masses are weighed down by the yoke of oppression and poverty. Secret groups of zealots emerge out of the social inequalities, corruption and injustice. They seek to revolt in the name of God.

The main protagonist is Ben Batiach, a stocky, young, kind hearted yeshiva student, who walks away from the yeshiva and quickly becomes one of the fanatic zealots leading the violent revolt against Rome.

After they drive the Romans out of Jerusalem, the rebels’ fury is directed against Jerusalem’s wealthy Jews and the city is dragged into a terrible famine and an all-consuming war of brethren. The plot follows the gentle Ben Batiach turn into a hardened zealot, not hesitating to kill for justice in the name of God. When Ben Batiach understands the horrendous consequences of his actions, it is too late to stop the impending hell.

“Legend of destruction” brings to life a key moment in Jewish history, which has impacted the history of the whole world. The film deals with religious zeal and its results, and despite the events taking place 2000 years ago, their relevance strongly resonates with our world today.

Gidi Dar
Gidi Dar
Amir Harel and Ayelet Kait