1. Background

1.1     The Jerusalem Film Fund (hereinafter: “the Fund”), which operates at the Jerusalem Development Authority (hereinafter: “JDA”) hereby invites broadcasting entities and broadcasting platforms to submit offers for cooperation, in the scope of which two of the Fund’s prime objectives will be furthered: (a) putting Jerusalem on the screen (b) development of the cinema, television and computer content industry in the city.

1.2     The cooperation will be aimed at developing and producing television programs and products, cinema, and visual media of all types and/or for the engaging of creators, professional crew members and use of businesses in Jerusalem.

  1. Definitions

2.1     “Broadcasting entities” – bodies in Israel and/or abroad that are engaged in broadcasting and/or screening to the general public on various broadcasting platforms and/or via by different media, such as: cinema, television, cable television, satellite television, the Internet and cellular devices, with this being for commercial objectives, including broadcasting platforms.

2.2     “Broadcasting platforms” – digital screens intended for broadcast to the public and including: the Internet and/or cable and/or satellite television and/or cellular telephone.

  1. Eligibility for submitting a proposal

A body that, together with the proposal, meets all the cumulative conditions set forth below is entitled to submit a proposal:

3.1     A broadcasting entity as defined in this Regulation or anyone on its behalf;

3.2     A person who has lodged a submission file containing all the documents enumerated in this Regulation;

3.3     Is the owner of the rights in the proposal and/or holds authorization from the owner of the rights in the proposal enabling him to grant JDA a partnership in the proposed project and/or in the revenues deriving from it;

3.4     Has lodged a signed proposal in the text of Appendix A.

  1. Manner of submitting proposal

4.1     It is possible to submit a proposal pursuant to this Regulation commencing from 28/2/2021 until 21/3/2021 (hereinafter: “the Registration Period”). JDA is entitled to alter the Registration Period, or alternatively to prescribe additional registration periods in accordance with this Regulation, in its discretion, and notice to that effect will be published on the Fund’s Internet website at the address www.jerusalemfilmfund.com (hereinafter: “the Fund’s Internet Website”).

4.2     A bidder who complies with all the conditions of eligibility set forth above is entitled to submit a proposal on-line through the Fund’s Internet Website/

4.3     Every proposal can contain several projects for budgeting by the Fund in respect of a development and/or a production, provided that a “submission file” shall be attached which contains all the following documents in relation to each project separately:

4.3.1 Premise (up to two sentences).

4.3.2 An abstract of the proposal (if the concept on which the proposal is based is not original and/or is contingent upon the approval of an additional entity; it is necessary to attach documents confirming the participation and consent of the additional entity).

4.3.3 Particulars of the proposal for cooperation, coupled with reference to the criteria for examining the proposals as set forth in Paragraph 7 below.

4.3.4 Professional résumé of the main team.

4.3.5 Consolidated budget for the proposal (Top Sheet) – shall be lodged on the budget form on the Website, with emphasis being placed on the planned expenses in Jerusalem column.

4.3.6 A table giving the names of the additional investors in the proposal (if any) and the amount of the investment of each of them. In addition, documents signed by the investors must be lodged confirming the amount of the investment and giving particulars of the terms and conditions thereof.

4.3.7 Time schedule for performing the project.

4.3.8 Any other relevant material which describes the proposal.

  1. Cooperation with the Fund

5.1     The scope of the cooperation and the essence thereof shall be decided by JDA’s grants committee in relation to each proposal separately, and this is likely to include, inter alia, escorting the project through lectors, allocation of space for activity, professional workshops, training and instruction sessions, exposure events for creators, and any other assistance required for developing content, establishing studios in Jerusalem, training of professional crew members, or any other means for attaining the objectives of the cooperation.

5.2     It is clarified that the extent of the Fund’s budget in each project which will be approved by JDA’s grants committee shall not exceed 50% of the project budget.

  1. Examining the proposal

The following are details of the examination stages of proposals that have been submitted in accordance with this Regulation:

6.1     An initial examination to see that the submission file meets with the Regulations set forth in this document. It is possible that already at this stage the Fund will reject proposals submitted which did not comply with the Regulations. In such case, a repeat submission shall only be allowed at a future time, if and when it is published.

6.2     The proposals will be sent to the artistic / production / contents consultants advisors (as the case may be) for initial evaluation. After the Fund’s director has discussed the matter with the consultants, it will be decided if and which of the persons who submitted proposals will pass to discussion on recommendations and/or will be invited for a presentation.

6.3     Written notice will be given to the parties who submit proposals, which shall contain date and time and points requiring emphasis in the presentation.

6.4     After the presentation and/or after summarizing the consultants’ recommendations, the director of the fund will formulate a recommendation for an investment, which weighs up the quality of the proposal, according to the criteria mentioned in Paragraph 7 of this Regulation, and in accordance with the Fund’s budget. Such recommendation will be brought for discussion to JDA’s grants committee.

6.5     JDA will decide whether to approve the investment in the proposals, and the extent and essence thereof. JDA reserve the right to approve, in its discretion. the proposal according to the wording thereof, or part of the proposal, or to approve the proposal subject to changes.

6.6     Notice will be sent to successful candidates with approval in principle only, which is contingent upon the signing of an agreement.

6.7     An agreement that will be drawn up by the Fund will be signed, which entrenches the terms of the investment and the manner of the contractual relationship between the broadcasting entity or platform with the Fund. It is clarified that only a signed agreement shall bind JDA. Submission of the material to JDA, or obtaining approval in principle, shall not constitute any obligation or undertaking on the part of JDA in the absence of a signed agreement.

6.8     It is clarified that at any stage in the course of examining the proposals and until the signing of a contractual agreement, JDA will be entitled to request clarification from the party who submitted the proposal and/or to demand from him that he make amendments to the proposal, all in its discretion.

  1. Criteria for the examining of proposals

7.1     The projects that are submitted in each proposal will be evaluated separately in accordance with the following criteria:

7.1.1 The manner in which Jerusalem as a modern-day creative center is accentuated.

7.1.2 Quality of the proposed content – quality of the screenplay, influence of the broadcasting entity, as the case may be.

7.1.3 The extent of the activity which is proposed in Jerusalem and the extent to which creators, crew members and businesses from the city will be engaged in the central roles.

7.1.4 A budget which meets the propriety of a production, where each program in the proposal will have a separate budget in which the portion of the budget set aside for creators, crew members and businesses in the city will be specified.

7.1.5 Details of feasibility in a reasonable time schedule.

7.1.6 The proposed fields of cooperation.

7.1.7 Method of joint decision-making as to the content of the project and the process of escorting and providing ongoing guidance and advice for the development and implementation of the project.

7.1.8 The degree of the Fund’s involvement in managing the project.

7.1.9 Division of the rights and profits/revenues in the various contents.

7.1.10  The proposed broadcasting framework and the manner of publicizing and branding the projects that will be carried out, and the Fund’s positioning in the advertising and in the branding.

7.1.11  The manner of achieving the Fund’s objectives in the project – development of the cinema, television and computerized content industry in Jerusalem, and putting Jerusalem onto the screens (including what the character and ambience of Jerusalem is as shown on the screens of the project).

7.2     Based on the volume of submissions and their quality and according to the parameters specified above and in relation to the Fund’s budget, JDA shall at any time examine the number of projects that will receive support and the scale of the support in each project, with this being according to its discretion. JDA shall give reasons for its decisions, in the course of relating to the parameters recorded above.

7.3     The extent of the Fund’s budget in a project and the conditions for cooperation will be entrenched in the final agreement between the Fund and the party submitting the proposal.

  1. Terms and conditions for the Fund’s investment

8.1     The proposal, together with all its component parts as have been approved, is binding and in particular the senior office bearers and the proposal budget that was submitted. Any change in the composition of the partners, in the composition of the holders of senior offices, in the composition of the budget and in the remaining components of the proposal, is likely to cause a rescinding of the decision regarding the Fund’s investment, unless it has been approved in writing and in advance by the Fund.

8.2     Prior to signing the agreement which the Fund, the proposal shall be submitted for an additional reading by the Fund, where it is drawn up and arranged and ready for the start of work. The Fund will have the right to request amendments in the proposal and in the work plan as a precondition to the signing of the agreement with the Fund.

8.3     The terms and conditions for the Fund’s investment and the times for payment will be according to what is specified in the agreement that will be signed between the Fund and the proposers. If the proposer does not meet the content of the proposal, its budget and the time schedules that were defined in the agreement that will be signed between the Fund and the proposer, the Fund will be entitled to demand from the proposer to refund all the amounts the Fund has invested in the project (in money or in money equivalent).

8.4     In the scope of cooperations that will be approved by the grants committee in accordance with the this Regulation, in which the Fund will be a partner (including partnership to income and profits), the extent of the Partnership will be determined, inter alia, having regard to the amount of the Fund’s budget in the project, its share in relation to the investment of additional entities in the project, the type of project, and so forth. The conditions of the Fund’s partnership in the project will be entrenched in the framework of the agreement that will be signed between the Fund and the party submitting the proposal.

8.5     The Fund reserves the right, inter alia, to examine the production budgets, the marketing and distribution budgets of the proposal or to request any other information connected with the production and to request changes in these budgets and to make its contracting with the party submitting the proposal conditional on the making of such changes.

  1. General

9.1     For additional details regarding the Regulation it is possible to make contact with Mrs. Galia Altaratz via e-mail: [email protected].

9.2     The submission of applications shall be made only in accordance with the format outlined in this document. The Fund is entitled not consider applications that were not lodged in accordance with the format or which were lodged after the Registration Period and/or as published and brought to the notice of the broadcasting entities. If an application is not considered due to a defect in the submission format and/or because of late lodgment, it will be possible to submit it once again at a later time, if and when such time is published.

9.3     The director of the Fund is entitled at any time (within the Registration Period) to refer to representatives of broadcasting entities and to suggest to them to submit a proposal to the Fund of projects for development and/or production that will be brought for discussion and evaluation, and which will be lodged at times for submission that will be published.

9.4     The Fund’s management is entitled at any time to review its policy and its courses of action and it is entitled to make changes and updates in accordance with the demands of changing realities. The Fund’s management has the full right, in its discretion, to alter the extent of the investment in proposals, having regard, inter alia, to the number of applications that have been filed, the standard thereof and the overall budget that will be available to the Fund.

9.5     After approval of a cooperation by the grants committee, JDA will issue an approval in principle. This approval will not be binding until such time as a detailed agreement between it and the party submitting the proposal is signed. In every case of a conflict between what is written as information in the Fund’s documents and the agreement, the agreement shall prevail.

9.6     The Fund’s investment is contingent upon receiving various government budgets. If the abovementioned budgets are not received (in whole or in part), the Fund will be entitled to cancel and/or to reduce the extent of the investment at that time and/or to alter the time for submission itself, at any stage, and even to revoke an approval in principle so long as no agreement has been signed, and the party submitting the proposal will not have any allegation and/or claim and/or demand which relates to cancellation or reduction of the Fund’s investment and/or a change in the time for submission.

*        The information in this document does not bind the Fund and is intended solely for informative purposes, subject to the final agreement between the Fund and the party submitting the application.



Date of publication of the Regulation 28/2/2021