On June 22, 2008 the Jerusalem Film and Television Fund, otherwise known as “the Fund,” was established, under the auspices of the Jerusalem Development Authority.
Fund Director: Yoram Honig
Production Manager: Galia Altaratz

The Jerusalem Film and Television Fund is the first municipal film fund in Israel, modeled after similar film funds around the world.The Fund provides grants and rebates for film and TV series that take place in Jerusalem and/or use of Jerusalem’s professional post-production facilities, for international and local productions.The Fund’s budgets serve as a springboard for producers and entrepreneurs in media fields for projects in which Jerusalem plays a vital role in the story and/or the production takes place in Jerusalem, as specified in the detailed procedures (shown in the table bellow). The Fund’s budget can also be provided for film, TV series and animation series that would like to benefit from Jerusalem’s professional and state of the art post-production facilities: soundtrack design, CGI, editing and more.

The Fund’s Missions, Goals and achievements:
1. To present Jerusalem’s human and cultural image, featured through film, television and animation, shot and produced in the city of Jerusalem.
2. The Mayor’s office with the Fund established a “One Stop Shop” for pre-production and production days, all for a symbolic NIS 100 per production days, assist for:
a. Receiving permits and connection to municipality departments (such as parking control and electricity).
b. Connection to local organizations (such as fire department and police)
c. Receiving 24/7 customer and quality assurance.
d.providing professional film crews and state of the art equipment and facilities for all your needs.
4. Developing the film and television industry in the city and creating jobs for crew members and students in the field.
5. To promote activity for businesses that support productions in Jerusalem (travel, accommodations, catering, tourism, etc.)
6. Turning Jerusalem into a key venue in the cinematic discourse in Israel and internationally..
7.To increase the love of film culture among Jerusalem residents.The Jerusalem Film and Television Fund, under the auspices of the Jerusalem Development Authority, is revitalizing the film industry in Israel, and especially that of Jerusalem, through funding and support for all Israeli and international productions.To date the Fund has invested in the production of over 60 Israeli and international television series, feature films and animation productions.

Here are the tracks available for international production:


Support track 


Cash rebate on Jerusalem expenses

Cap rebate NIS


Large- budget international productions 



10 million


computerized content productions at the Jerusalem studios


5 million