Large Budget International Productions

60% cash rebate up to NIS 10 millionThe Production Budget in Israel shall be no less than NIS 8 million.

Jerusalem is the focus of the film or TV series’ plot.
At least 50% of the planned filming days in Israel take place in Jerusalem.
The Budget Referred to Jerusalem shall be no less than 25% of the total Production Budget in Israel and no less than NIS 2 million.
The Production has distribution agreements, according to which the Film or Series shall be broadcast in territories where there are at least 80 million residents.
At least 80% of the production budget is secured and originates abroad, obtaining necessary approval and confirmation.Criteria for Eligibility

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Investment procedure for CGI computer generated imagery and animation productions at studios located in Jerusalem

20%-50% cash rebate on Jerusalem expenditure 
CGI & animation investment track

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