Plot Summary

The five most unlikeable children in the 4th grade decide they have had enough with school bullying. Although they do not have special or even “normal” powers, they set up a superheroes team!

They are the worst team the world, or at least their class, has ever seen—they are The Zeroes Heroes. Their faults and weaknesses will become their superhero strengths.

Ella, a Jewish grandmother, in the body of a nine-year-old girl, is the groups’ brain and leader. She will lead Willie (The Rubber), Cody (Snot Boy), Dima (The Muffin) and Lini (Drama Queen). The group’s mentor is Mrs. Martha, an old, deaf history teacher who served in the Special Forces during World War II.

The group will not only deal with their awful daily school life, but also defeat the evil in their school! (on condition that they are in bed before 7pm). Dressed in their super costumes—made of junk they found in the garage—and equipped with Ella’s inventions (which sometimes actually work), they embark on a new exciting and surprising mission in every episode.


Nadav Ruziewicz, Gal Weizman
Nadav Ruziewicz
Production Company:
Nadav Ruziewicz