Plot Summary

11*30 – 6-11

When Danny’s family switch, he and his two best friends get a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the responsible adults – at the age of 10.

Danny Banks is an aspiring inventor who dreams of becoming the next Steve Jobs. Though unlike Jobs, Danny is also a neurotic ten-year-old boy who is terrified of making decisions, freezes in the face of stressful situations, and is also probably the worst public speaker you will ever see. Because of this, most of the time Danny’s great talent stays unnoticed, especially in front of his family.

But on his 10th birthday, Danny had enough. Once again, the focus is not on him, and his special day passed like it was nothing. As he’s blowing out the candles on the cake he bought for himself, out of disappointment and anger, Danny slips a wish he never dared to before: “I wish my family would just switch”. Unfortunately for Danny, even whoever is in charge of birthday wishes didn’t quite pay attention to him, and took his wish in a very literal way.

On the next day, Danny wakes up to a new kind of family indeed: everybody switched. Their bodies. With one another. His mother is now inside his infant sister’s body, and vice versa – his infant sister is now stuck in the body of his 40-year-old fashionista of a mom. His businessman father switched bodies with his dumb dog, and his sweet granny now hosts the personality of an edgy teenager. What’s going on?!

Now, with a full year ahead until his next birthday wish, Danny – who is scared of nothing more than managing situations – is the only member of his family still in his own body. Now he has to be the one in charge. He’s now the responsible adult who has to navigate his family out of trouble in this insane situation. Luckily for Danny, he has his two best friends, Emma and Toby, by his side, to share the family secret and save the day with.

Eliran Peled and Shelly Erez
Production Company:
Eliran Peled and Shelly Erez