Plot Summary

The Neanderthals is an upbeat comic animated series set in pre-historic times, following a number of particularly foolish and entertaining Neanderthals.

As the series progresses, we get to know the quirky Neanderthal way of life: their limited ability to invent new things, their methods for hunting and fishing, and, most of all, their silly and goofy ways, odd personalities and relationships with one another.

Our main characters:

Obo and Chaka – Father and son. Obo, nervous and neurotic, tries to pass on some life skills to his son, but Chaka, naive and goodhearted, is not the sharpest flint axe in the shed.

Mama-Chaka – Chaka’s mother, a very masculine and powerful yet feminine lady, who looks after the tribes’ babies.

Mika – Chaka’s best friend, a young girl who is high spirited and adventurous.

Nanni – an arrogant lay about, who is also a gifted inventor and musician, and Mika’s father. (Btw, Mika and Nanni are both homo-sapiens. No wonder they are the smartest).

The other tribe members – A bunch of almost identical bored jack-asses with herd mentality and zero brain.

The series is targeted at ages 8-12 but will provide an enjoyable family viewing experience, with many levels of humor directed to a range of audiences, including adults.

Yuval Nathan, Asher Simenhaus
Nadav Ben Simon
Production Company:
Nadav Ben Simon