Plot Summary

When Pete – the wildest kid on the face of this planet, is moving to Scyville – the most smooth-running and happiest city in the world, it seems that life is about to become a rollercoaster of HYSTERICAL FUN! Unless, of course, the metropolis’s well-built image is one big scam with a single purpose: To destroy. All. The fun. Within.

When flying-mind-reading-robots, a control freak mayor, and the most popular girl at school are determined to stop him at any cost, Pete decides to defeat the system: together with geeky Walt and spunky Casey – they’re gonna fake an eclipse, hold an underwater rock concert, and take the gravity out of town – whatever it takes to bring the fun back to the city! They’re gonna form a Fun Pact!

A comedy adventure TV show for ages 6-9

Nadav Kauffman, Assaf Bannit
Production Company:
Nadav Kauffman, Assaf Bannit