Plot Summary

An animated comedy web series with 6 episodes of 5 minutes each.

Lonely old Grandpa Noah is dying and fears that he will miss the drama of his heirs fighting over his estate. So he dictates a game to his family: each week the family will come together at his house for Friday night dinner, and will vote to disinherit one family member. The last remaining family member – wins his “modest” apartment at the center of Jerusalem.

Each episode tracks the dinner preparations and the scheming prior to the elimination; and ends by going around the table for a vote and one family member leaving. The game leads the family members to reevaluate their relationships as a group. A group which has a leader and a black sheep, which is broken down into small cliques and lone wolves, which defines its own norms and enforces them

Anan Gibson, Shalev Ben Elya
Anan Gibson, Shalev Ben Elya
Amit Gicelter, The Hive Studio
Production Company:
The Hive Studio