Plot Summary

“Tales of Jewish Pirates” is a collection of 9 short films. 

and is of the perfect co-production material!

The short films will consist of different lengths, between 5-10 minutes long. 

Targeted at a mature audience, this collection of films is inspired by Anthologies such as  “Love death and Robots”, Poem de l’ecole, or the Animatrix.  

and will deal with the struggles and identity crises from being a Jewish Pirate at that time in history.

The film will be produced by different creative teams each with their own style of animation – it can be 2D, 3D, stop motion and more.

And we at the Hive, will helm the ship as the showrunners of this project.

The genres will also differ between productions – some are comical, others “off the plank” crazy and will also have some who are gruesome as it gets – all of them under the collection’s theme.

Liron Narunsky & Amit R. Gicelter
Production Company:
The Hive Studio