Plot Summary

Alex and RJ, two best friends, are the ultimate team for fighting monsters who feed on children’s emotions.

Every day, the evil Drama Queen sends a new monster to wreak havoc in the town of Valleyville. The monster attaches itself to a kid at school and feeds off his or her emotions, becoming stronger, larger and more evil. The adventurous RJ and Alex discover that monsters only appear when kids are experiencing certain feelings. Defeating a monster is not easy because each monster is different and requires a unique plan of action.

The dynamic and friendship between RJ and Alex are the series’ heart and soul—when they’re together, they’re unstoppable! Along with their awesome sidekick Carl, a monster himself, the girls discover ways to defeat the monsters and send them back to Drama Queen. With courage, great teamwork and awesome, self-made gadgets, Alex and RJ can save the day!

Shulamit Tager, Gal Haklay
Production Company:
Gal Haklay