Plot Summary

When Bapu, a naïve, Gandhi-like Indian gibbon, escaped captivity and arrived in the Savannah with the hope of building a new, quiet home and enjoying his freedom, he found all the animals running wild, and himself targeted as “supper.” Desperate, Bapu and his new friend Andie, a young, forlorn and precocious pangolin whose parents have “disappeared,” must convince prey and predator alike to accept the ways of non-violence, vegetarianism, meditation and inner-peace.

Thanks to Andie’s ingenuity, and Bapu’s cooking skills, all become satisfied and happy. No longer do gazelles tread in fear of a proud lion’s ambush; nor do crocodiles devour unsuspecting buffalo calves by the riverbanks. Even Felix, the narcissist alpha lion admits there is something to this state of happiness that trumps its mere pursuit.

But, with the decline in Safari tourism, and loss of TV viewers, Park Authorities and the National Conservation Network (NCN) begin pressuring the animals to return to their natural wild ways, leaving Bapu and his friends with only one option—fake it to make it.

Using “borrowed” hi-tech equipment, the animals perform practiced, fake maneuvers to thrill Safari tourists whose videos of the animals’ antics go viral across social networks. The animals are delighted, the tourists are delighted, everybody is happy. What could be better?

Avi Blyer
Michael Kagan, Ori Kagan
Production Company:
Avi Blyer