Plot Summary

An animated comedy TV series for ages 8-12 (22 minutes per episode)

Pete was just an ordinary pirate boy from Pirate City, until one day his father’s pirate ship was sunk. His mother decided to move Pete and the rest of the family to a safer more suitable environment – Pleasant Bay, a peaceful all-American beach town.


Although disappointed at first, Pete soon discovers that suburban life actually offers plenty of new adventures! Pete’s curiosity always gets him into trouble. Whether it’s bringing a kraken to the science fair, or selling voodoo items at a garage sale. But thanks to Pete’s Pirate spirit and skills, together with his new found friends, things always manage to get back to normal… well, relatively normal.


So join Pirate Pete and his friends and family, and discover that when you’re a Pirate the real adventure is everyday life!

Sharon Gazit, Ofer Gazit, Guy Elnathan,Omri Amit, Adar Meirom
Nir Nave
Production Company:
Pil Animation Ltd