Plot Summary

In a world where Mega-Villains are a constant threat to society and Hi-Technology is monitored, Gordy Corel, 11 years old genius and notorious robotics wiz is grudgingly recruited by SIGnet, an espionage organization to infiltrate… a summer camp.

Located on mysterious Tempest Island, this is no ordinary summer camp, but a cover for a secret tournament where genius-level children from all over the world train in high-stakes competitions to become the next generation of Mega-Villains:
The Megalomanix!

Far from home and surrounded by a mix of eccentric characters, weird gadgets and a fantastic island, Gordy understands that in order to fulfill his mission he will have to win the tournament against all odds using his wits and weird sense of humor to become a Megalomanic himself, but Gordy knows he cannot do it alone.

Will Gordy stay loyal to his mission or will he switch sides and join his new friends?


Ben Naaman
Yossi Gavan
Production Company:
Yossi Gavan