Plot Summary

Big Hugo Hedgehog loves his kindergarten. He loves to learn new things, play with his
friends, and get all messy with finger paints. But most of all, Hugo loves his teacher, Ms.
Kora Kangaroo. Warm, silly and funny, Kora turns every day into a magical adventure.
How you wonder? With her pouch of course! What on first look may seem an ordinary
kangaroo pocket, is in fact a bottomless source of exciting opportunities. A magnifying
glass to help solve a missing cookie mystery, or a big bouncy castle to play knights and
dragons in, Kora has it all. She just has to reach deep, deep, deep inside her pouch – and
voila – the fun begins! And no one loves Kora’s surprises more than Hugo. This curious 5-
year-old hedgehog, the hero of our show, is always ready for a new challenge. Inspired by
Ms. Kora’s pocket surprises, Hugo rolls into a ball and bounces around excited as leads
his friends on charming adventures around the kindergarten. It’s during these fun games
that Hugo learns to navigate through the joys and challenges of kindergarten life
Edik Mitgartz, Nurit Mitgartz
Production Company:
Edik Mitgartz