Plot Summary

Max, a genius secluded teenager, lives with his deaf grandmother in a town called Junk City, which is located on the edge of an enormous trash hill. Max gets sick of the town’s state of dereliction. He decides to collect the piles of junk that are loitering the streets and turn them into dinosaurs, which he brings into life through a secret mechanismwhich is fueled by the saliva of blue beetles. He initiates a small Jurassic Park to the annoyance of the hostile residents of the town, who harass him. Thanks to rumor mills Max’s park becomes famous, making the town a popular tourist destination and reviving the town’s failed businesses. To Max’s surprise, though he can control the appearance of his dinosaurs, he cannot control their personalities. Some are gentle and tame, but others are wild and hot-tempered and Max has a hard time managing them.Are Max’s creations of junk about to take over the world, turning into an evolutionary monster that will change life on earth as we know it?

Noam Meshulam
Tomer Sarig
Noa Ben Izhak
Production Company:
PitchiPoy Animation Productions