Plot Summary

Dawg and Cheez are two kids living in a food product world where everything is fresh, organic, low-fat, lactose free and healthy.

Being neighbors, Dawg and Cheez are friends by default. However, the thing that really ties them together is a mutual destiny: they have the exact same tattooed expiration date. It’s a mystical connection, a bond—and it’s coming up at the end of summer!

This revelation leads them to create a bucket list. Determined to do it all, they want to be famous heroes, to have fun, and to do the wild, crazy and exciting things they have always wanted to do but for which, until now, they hadn’t found the courage to do, or simply did not know how.

With nothing left to lose, in each episode Dawg and Cheez set out to complete an item on their list, only to discover that their journey is challenging as the plot thickens. Being heroes isn’t as simple as it sounds, but they won’t give up. They are going to fulfill every wish, even if it means leaving a trail of destruction behind.

Now is the time for Dawg and Cheez to show Foodtopia what they’re made of, as they set out to have the time of their lives!

Neta Holzer
Allon Zaslansky
Production Company:
Neta Holzer