Plot Summary

Barbie™ Dreamtopia is a magical make-believe world created by Chelsea, Barbie’s youngest sister. Like many girls, Chelsea really looks up to her sister, and every adventure features Barbie as either a Princess, a Fairy, or a Mermaid from a different land who guides Chelsea and her young pup Honey on a new experience.  There are four shorts, each featuring the enchanted lands of Sweetville, Wispy Forest, Sparkle Mountain and Rainbow Cove.  In the Dreamtopia movie we cut back and forth between Chelsea and Barbie’s everyday real world and the fantastic lands of Dreamtopia, on a journey of self-exploration and the power of imagination.

Saul Blinkoff
Mattel, Inc
Snoball Studios
Erica Lindbeck as Barbie, Barbie as The Sugar Spun Fairy, The Forest Princess, The Sparkle Mountain Princess, The Rainbow Princess

Meira Blinkoff as Chelsea, Yellow Princess

Addie Chandler as Otto, Notto Prince

Lucien Dodge as Honey, Chocolate Bunny
Production Company:
Snowball Studios
Production Company Website: