Plot Summary

“Baldy Heights” is an original tale which will captivate the audience with unique 3D animation.

In Curly Hills, a world where hair is holy and percussion instruments are illegal, teenager Lilly Pileous plays in an underground band with a rhythm section covertly transmitted from Baldy Heights, enemy territory from time immemorial. When Ragtop, the drummer with whom she is secretly, heart-throbbingly in love disappears and the Sectret Police come crashing into band practice, Lily goes looking for him. She does the unthinkable and leaps through the impassable Wall that separates their two worlds.

Noam Meshulam
Lisa Kaufman, Shmuel Shtrauss, Noam Meshulam
Chillik Michaeli, Tami Laon, Avraham Farhi -UCM Noam Meshulam, Gil'ad Roznao- PitchiPoy Animation Productions
Production Company:
UCM and PitchiPoy Animation Productions