Plot Summary


WHERE IS ANNE FRANK begins with a miracle: A year from today, Kitty, the imaginary friend that Anne Frank wrote to in her famous diary, comes to life in Amsterdam, in the Anne Frank house – once the Secret Annex. Unaware that 75 years have gone by, Kitty is convinced that if she is alive, then Anne must be alive too.
WHERE IS ANNE FRANK tells the story of Kitty’s quest across contemporary Europe to find her beloved friend. Armed with the precious diary and with help from her friend Peter, who runs a secret shelter for illegal refugees coming from the central Africa, Kitty follows Anne’s trace, from the Annex that has become a museum to her tragic end in Bergen Belsen. Disoriented by our broken world, while Europe is flooded by refugees from the central Africa, Kitty brings back meaning and life to the memoryof Anne, and through her honesty, a message of hope and generosity addressed to the future generations.

Ari Folman
Ari Folman
Ari Folman