General Information

A very long narrow Park (about six km.long) built on the basis of the old railway.In the park there is a boardwalk built on the old tracks, a bike path and in some sections a Lawn (between Bethlehem road Pierre Koenig Street) the park is scattered with seating areas, playgrounds and drinking fountains. The landscape along the park range as it passes through neighborhoods of a different nature – German colony, Baka, Katmonim, Talpiot industrial zone, the Arab neighborhood of Beit Safafa,and Pat. Train-related elements were left throughout the park such as signal towers, train station house and more. Many plaques with information about the history of railway to Jerusalem

Northern end- first train station. Southern end near biblical zoo lower parking lot
large parking lots on both ends of the park (first train station at north end and the biblical zoo on the southern end. street parking in the park area along the way
Toilets in the First station and in the park area along the way
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