The Sand castle

Plot Summary


A Romantic fairy tale – a musical about the meaning of freedom.

Dusk at the beach. Near the water line stands a magnificent sand castle, surrounded by high walls. Children only finished a little while ago building it. They separate from the palace and leave the beach. But what was happening inside the sand castles long after the children went home?
It seems a lifetime is inside.
A small window opened in one of the top floors of the palace, a small figure, pretty and delicate, made entirely of sand and salt, is peering out. This is the sad and dreamy Princess Sand. She lives in this palace with her parents, King Salt and Queen Beach, along with a whole bunch of servants, cooks and counselors. 

The King and Queen prohibit the delicate princess to leave the palace boundaries nevertheless she sneaks out to discover the wonderful beachfront outside the Palace. She is shocked from the meeting with the sea king, falling into the hands of tidal waves monsters, the enemies of the palace, and nearly melted to death, until she is saved by Prince Shell.

Noam Meshulam
Tomer Sarig
Udi Segal, Noam Meshulam, Gilad Rosenau
Production Company:
Pitchi Poy Animation Productions, Sumayoko Productions