The Holy City
The Holy City poster

Plot Summary

The Holy City is an immersive virtual reality experience that transports participants to Jerusalem and provides
access to the most sacred rituals and the holiest sites of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
Jerusalem, The Holy City, carries a rich history, an undeniable spirituality, and an indescribable magnetism
that can now be experienced in a virtual format.
The experience takes place in photoreal volumetric captures of some of the most significant and beautiful
sites in Jerusalem, highlighting its architectural beauty, diverse inhabitants, and spiritual history.
This experience exists to cultivate understanding by exploring our fundamental similarities.

Prizes and Awards

Forbes Magazine – 50 Best XR Experiences
Advanced Imaging Society: Lumiere
– Best Educational XR
Byron Bay Film Festival 2019
– Best Interactive VR Experience
Games for Change – Best XR for Change
Raindance 2019 – Best VR Documentary
Virtuality XR Awards – Best VR Experience

Cannes Film Festival 2019 – Cannes XR
Guanajuato International Film Festival
2019 – Best VR Experience
FIVARS Film Festival 2019
Dok Neuland – XR Exhibition 2019
Verzio Human Rights Film Festival –
Vektor 2019
POFF – Black Nights Film Festival
FIPA – Biarritz 2020

Nimrod Shanit
Nimrod Shanit and Sean Thomas Evans