About Us

The camera rental division provides the film, television and commercial Industries with cutting edge camera technology in every professional format: the latest digital cinematography cameras and 16mm, 35mm. In addition, the lighting rental department offers a full range of lights, accessories and the latest generation of super silent generators, not just for film and television productions, but also for all kinds of live events. The grip rental department offer Dollies, cranes, techno-cranes, remote heads, stabilized heads and specialty grip equipment.

Movie Mobile does more than simply provide equipment; it offers competent consulting, logistical support and production service. Over 40 years Movie Mobile has gained experience on demanding and logistically complex shoots of national and international productions.

With facilities in New York and in Israel Movie Mobile is in a position to offer a truly worldwide service as part of the Movie Mobile group, in collaboration with partner companies all over the world.

Open: 08:00-17:00

Our Clients

Transparent-TV Series –Sony F5
Oppenheimer Richard Gere (2015) –Alexa XT
Hostages II (2015)–Arri Alexa
A Tale Of Love & Darkness (2014) Natalie Portman – ARRI Alexa
Phauda- TV Series (2014)- Sony F5 RAW
Very important person-Sony F5
Hayored Lemaala (2014)-ARRI Alexa plus 4:3
Atlit (2014) – ARRI Alexa
Haemek (2014)-ARRI Alexa
Last Sighted – TV Series (2014) – Sony F5
Hostages-TV Series (2013) - ARRI Alexa
Sweet (2013) - 35 mm
Hakafot (2013) – RED Epic
Zaytoun (2012) – ARRI Alexa
Inheritance (2012) -ARRI Alexa
Le Fils De L'autre (2012) -ARRI Alexa
Footnote (2011) – 35 mm
- Winner – Cannes Festival Award
- Nominated by the Academy

2 shatner st. Jerusalem