Ran Cohen

Professional Expertise

Cinema, TV and Internet -
Presenter in the video of the Israeli Movement Association (2022)
Narrator in many election campaign videos (2022)
Playing in the campaign against Sam Ones (2021)
Playing a guest role in the third season of Comprehensive Milano (2021)
Playing a guest role in the second season of Palmach (and small roles in the first season
and the third) (2021)
March election broadcast game (2021)
Playing a guest role in the youth series Habar (2020)
Presenter in an image video for Ariyet Arad (2019)
Presenter of the Ministry for Social Equality (2018)
Playing a guest role in the series The Jews Are Coming (2017)
Acting in the web sketch series Elevator (-2016)
Acting in a promotional video for Beit Alliance in Jerusalem (2016)
Dubbed by the Jerusalem company Dita (2018)

Actor in the street theater JLM, an experiential theater throughout Jerusalem (2022 - )
Actor in the Suitcase Theater Theater tours around Jerusalem (2022-)
An actor of the HaTamon Theater with the show Shirem Mashorer (2021 -)
Actor at the Jerusalem Simulation Center (2019-)
Actor in the Jerusalem theater group with the plays Nemer Heberburot and Mania (2017 - )
Actor and drummer and guitar player in the show Inverted Sky in the center of Enav (2021)
An actor in the Pesik theater with the plays Ahi Israelii and Prince of Shadows (2017 - )
An actor in a micro theater with plays: the first king Saara Samson City of Heaven
The Jewish War Judith and Holofernes (2015 - )
Incubator theater actor writing and acting in the play Alejandro (2018)
Actor at the Espaklaria Theater with the play The Miser Who Became a Beggar (2018 - )
Member of the Masho-Mashu social theater group (2019-2013)
Actor at the Tel Aviv Soul Theater with the show Alone Between 4 Walls (2017-2018)
Plays the guitar and drums in the show The Vanishing Lion of Beit Avichai (2017)
Creator of the children's plays at the train complex in Jerusalem called Story and Show (2012-2015)
Producer, director, writer and actor at the Light Festival in the Palace that took place in Jerusalem in December (2018)
Produces, directs, writes and acts in the Festival Festival in the Palace which took place in Jerusalem in September
Producer, director, writer and actor at the Heroes of the Land Festival held in Jerusalem in October (2016

Professional Training

Nisan Nativ Studio For Acting

Member of Shaham

Car License: