Rotem Shushan

Professional Expertise

*Acting and rewriting - three quartets by Yoram Porat, final production as part of the matriculation in the theater at the experimental school, Jerusalem.
*Acting and writing - doing laundry outside, a community theater production of students and inmates in Rimonim Prison on behalf of Tel Aviv University and the Shavas.
*Actress - Tikva Mera, based on David Shulman's book in a theater production at Tel Aviv University as part of Nola Chelton's acting course.

*Instructor in a theater workshop for people with special needs at Gila Community Center in Jerusalem.

*From 2018 until today, a theater teacher in special education.

Professional Training

*Theatre Major - Jerusalem Experimental High School.
*The Department of Theater at Tel Aviv University, which includes practical and theoretical courses in acting and writing, directed by Nola Chelton, director Yael Karamsky, community theater instructors - Peter Harris and Han Alon, and Prof. Gad Kiner.
*Preparation workshop for auditions with the actor Tal Yirimi (the champion) at the production company in Marom, Tel Aviv.
actress, play and script writer
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