Ron Ofer

Professional Expertise

As a Producer:

The Stars of the Desert - Documentary series 5 episodes - The Broadcasting Corporation and Gesher Fund for Multicultural Cinema

Ruchela's Hamach - short story - source source

The Wounded Healer - Doku - Yes Doku, Keren Mekor. Winner of the best film award at the Documentary Makers Forum competition, winner of the editing award at the DocAviv Festival.

Wild Children - Docu - The Second Authority for Television and Radio, HOT8, the New Fund for Cinema and Television, the Lottery, the Enterprise for Cinema, Y-M. Winner of the Audience Favorite Award, Jerusalem Festival

Haunted - Docu - sole winner of the "Cinema for a Change" grant of the Second Authority for Television and Radio and Gesher Fund for Multicultural Cinema. Broadcast on 'Network' and 'Channel 10'. Hanekran in Dokaviv, winner of the South Film Festival award

As a Director:
Production, direction and script: What is a memory? 70 years later, twenty videos for an exhibition on the memory of the Holocaust at the Van Leer Institute

Directed and scripted God Forbid docu 90 - for the ARTE channel, Germany and France. Nominee in the final stage for the Grimmy Award of the year

 Filmed on a weekday - documentary series 3 episodes - Keshet Broadcasting, Gesher Fund for Multicultural Cinema, Avichai Fund

 Candy from a stranger - feature film, final film - Sam Spiegel Film School. Screened at the Venice Film Festival as part of the "Windows for Imagination" program

Directing articles for 'Yoman', Channel 1


Film lecturer at the "Maala" film school
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Professional Training

Sam Spiegel School of Cinema, Y.M. Winner of the America-Israel Fund Excellence Scholarship

School of Educational Leadership, Mendel Institute for Leadership, Y-M. Has a teaching certificate


The documentary forum in Israel

Filmmakers Forum in Jerusalem (Member of the Board of Directors
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Producer, Director
The Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum