Ohad Domb

Professional Expertise

Location manger and producer in Jerusalem;

Pikim Meuhedim Productions "The Sins" Avi Nesher's film - Metro Communications Ltd

"Beyond the mountains and hills" Eran Kolirin's film July August Productions "Saving Neta" Nir Bergman's film 5102
Mrs. Productions, "Shebknikim" a hot series of Dori Media09 "The Six Days" of Biblical Productions, minute 6102

Avi Nesher - Metro Communications Ltd., "The Unofficials" Eliran Malka's film (Dori Media Fran)

"Laces" by Transfax Productions, "Shadow Rule" a hot series by Koda Communications, "Another Story" his film 7102

of Talia Lavia - Spiro Films Ltd
Mobiplus Productions, "Nefesh Fataltala" OBH "Horrible Days" of Metro Communications, "The Boys" series Lekeshet and 91-8102.
Yoav Gross Productions
"The Hidden Scrolls" by Biblical Productions, "East Side" by Abbott Meiri, "Red Sky" by Films
of Firma - of Dori Media, "In Fire and Water" 2 by Abbott Ha'Meiri, in Shevnikim. Season 3 Stiesel Season 3 22-0202

Human Resource (2Team productions), Srugim (channel 2), Hakol Dvash (channel 2)

Professional Training

Ma’aleh School of Television, Film and the Arts

Member of ACT

Filmaker, Location manager, Booman
Car License: