Plot Summary

Solina, Flor, Bass, and Gooly are ‘Planet-oids’, they are colorful creatures of melody, experts of song and rhyme. Together, they live on ‘Planet-on’, their tiny planet beats and resonates with their songs and emotions. With the power of their music, the Planetoids convince the sun to shine, the plants to bloom, the rain to fall, and the clouds to float.

The whole planet joins in a musical celebration, accompanying their singing with the whistling of the wind, the strings of grass, the sound of the waves, and the buzzing of insects. Though their planet is tiny, it has just enough space for a sand castle, an ocean-puddle, a volcanic mound, and a jungle garden.
The Planetoids are all good friends, yet each one has its own unique voice and character, which of course ignites plenty of fights, large and small. When the Planetoids fight – the songs are muddled, and then the whole star gets out of balance and becomes a huge mess! Every Planetoid is its own entire world, an expression of one of the four elements, each with its own personality of a distinct child. The Element of Fire takes center stage -constantly changing, the Earth Element swirls beneath the stable surface, the astronaut’s Air Element dreams and invents games, and the Water Element adjusts itself to them, connecting them all together. Only together, when the Planetoids listen to one another, and combine their four unique voices, can the melody of life be played, returning balance and harmony to their home “Planeton”.

Number of episodes: 53 Length of each episodes: 11 mins Target age range: 3 – 7 years old

The Chapters

Noam Meshulam
Stav Idisis, Haim Idisis, Tal Idisis, Alon Rotem, Shani Harris, Hanan Peled, Shahar Sitner, Shiri Zuk
Pitchipoy Animation Productions
Einat Azulay
Simcha Barabiro
Rona Bekerman
Assaf Pariente
Production Company:
Pitchipoy Animation Productions